Artwork Rules.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Do you like rainbows? Well, if you like the tv show The Office, you're bound to like this one!

This is my last semester here at Dixie State College before my wife and I will have our Associates Degrees and we're moving back up to the Provo area. I only needed one more class(I chose Weather) to finish my degree, and decided to take a fun screenprinting class to learn how to do it. I figured hey, why not learn how to screenprint considering I now own a t-shirt business call Mission Tees(which you can check out at www.missiontees.blogspot.com).  Although I have already made quite a few of my own mission oriented shirts in the class, I wanted to do something a little different.

So during class I texted my wife Sarah of what I should do...she said I should to a rainbow. Immediately after I read her text the idea hit me and went for it. Hope you enjoy! Do you get it? Let me know what you think:)

After making this design, I posted it on Rainn Wilson's Facebook wall and Rainn "Like"d it! Here's the proof:

After making this design, my brother Devin Wilcox gave me the suggestion to make a Double Rainnbow too, so I hope you like it!